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molita_lin Result of using Vodana Curling Iron in 40mm!↵

It gives my hair a big and voluminous curls! Plus it's easy to use 

dollupmari The @vodana family is continuously growing!!! If you’re in need of the hair irons that aren’t just about the pretty and are all about the quality and durability, too, then Vodana is for you. They started with their curling irons, and since their curling irons are so big in diameter (there’s 32mm, 36mm and 40mm!) and so unique, they decided to expand. They then made the Soft Bar Flat Irons with silicone panels right smack in the middle of the metal plate so that there is traction when you work on your hair. That’s why you can curl and straighten with ease. Vodana wanted to make something even more compact for travel and something to help fix the little details when styling the hair, especially the bangs. 

rheakim Just a simple curl to boost my mood for a whole good day! This supah cute pastel pink curler from @vodana @charis_official is my pretty weapon before going out

It has 36mm size so perfect to create big waves or curl. No need to mention that this curler is travel friendly

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