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apple921 One of the essentials for traveling, the light and tiny Vodana Curling iron is definitely one of the things that I must have in my luggage. And it's my favorite PINK

dollupmari Guyssss this is the @vodana deal from @charis_official you can’t miss!!! Vodana knew how much everyone loved their Soft Bar Flat Iron that they decided to make a smaller one for travel! This new Vodana Mini Pocket Iron is just like half the size of the original, just a little bit bigger than an iPhone (*comparison photo courtesy of Charis)!!! 

aliciatal These pretty lil things! I've never been more excited about styling my hair until i've met these Vodana is a popular korean hair brand, & i was so excited to finally try these. They are super easy to use, & they create super nice curls! ↵

Check them out at hicharis.net/aliciatal or link in bio to get them as a set, or separately ☺ You won't regret! 

Also, i'll be uploading a hair routine with these products soon! 

celine13_Since you guys have been asking how I make my hair look so neat and healthy, I've been using this super handy pocket size Vodana flat iron. It might be small but it heats up easily and there are ceramic coated plates on the pocket flat iron to prevent hair damage 

arsyanaf21Yeaaay! Jadi pas aku pergi ke Korea beberapa bulan lalu bareng @charis_official, aku diberi kesempatan untuk coba catokan dari Vodana ini.. warnanya super gemes, dan pas banget untuk di bawa2 kalau lagi liburan. Panas nya juga cepet, walaupun nyatoknya mesti dikit2 karena catokannya juga kecil tapi so far soooo good!  ohiya! Kalian bisa beli catokan ini di toko aku dengan harga special loh! Untuk belinya kalian bisa langsung klik link yang ada di bio aku ya.. barang ini langsung dikirim dari Koreaaa

charissachong Got my hands on the Vodana Pocket Flat Iron to help tame my mane For girls with frizzy hair like me, this mini flat iron has ceramic plates to help keep your hair damage free when straightening or curling, plus point it's really handy to bring around when I travel 


I got @vodana from @charis_official couple months ago. I know that Vodana is the best-seller for hair tools in Korea. ↵


It doesn't damaged my hair at all and travelling friendly!  It makes my hair shiny after use it.↵


You might want to check the result on:↵



Well, you can buy it from hicharis.net/elinivana to get 5% off and 50% off shipping fee and of course 5$ worth free gift 


hibbie_g Now I could iron my hair anytime , anywhere with with this Vodana Pocket Flat Iron ♡. So cute & it's so mini size , it's so prefect to a frequent traveler like me , especially always in rush , so convenient to bring along & stuff in my bag. Best part is it heats up so quickly and help minimize hair damage! Damn , I'm so loving it !

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